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E&G FAM has been investing in car parks and underground parking garages for 10 years now. During this time, we have developed relationships with leading car park operators such as APCOA, GOLDBECK, Q-PARK and saba. Together we realise new development projects and enable the sustainable management of existing properties. Previously active in Germany, we are now also investing across Europe in cooperation with the experienced car parking investment specialists Holland Immo Group and whitelabel.

European Parking Fund Acquisition Profile


E&G FAM specialises in the growing and socially significant segment of senior care and living properties. There is already a shortage in supply of senior care places, which has been worsened by the introduction of statutory minimum construction requirements at state level across Germany (single room quota, residential group concepts, etc.). Forecasts suggest a growing demand for senior care places and age-appropriate housing for senior citizens. The significant and growing demand supply imbalance of care homes, coupled with long-term secured income streams, contribute to making this a sustainable and attractive asset class for institutional investors.

We have developed a network with established senior care operators, as well as have access to local authorities and supervisory boards in the care sector. In combination with our in-depth understanding of the operations of senior care homes, we are able to find the optimal partner for the long-term and sustainable management of senior care homes. In addition, we implement the necessary renovations and enable expansion as well as new development of senior care homes. Therefore, ensuring that the properties meet the future requirements of the respective state laws for senior care homes.

We also invest in urban mixed-use quarters with different types of use relating to senior care and living; these include residential, senior care and living, as well as child day-care centres.


As a result of our success in senior care and living, we have established a fund investing in child day-care centres at the request of one of our institutional investors, a well-known German insurance company. This type of use offers long-term stable distributions, independent from economic volatility with a positive social impact.

Value-add und co-investments

value-add und co-investments

In addition to establishing and managing real estate funds with stable, long-term distributions for institutional investors, EGFAM also invests in value-add projects. We invest in real assets with different types of use such as offices, nursing homes, commercial and multi-storey car parks, that have a high potential of value uplift. We invest both on our own balance sheet and in collaboration with JV partners. We focus on properties with complex challenges and structuring opportunities.