E&G Funds & Asset Management GmbH

Real Estate Investment Management for Institutional Investors

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e&g funds & Asset Management

E&G Funds & Asset Management is a privately-owned real estate investment management group. We invest in and manage real estate on behalf of institutional investors. We are co-investor and focus on creating value. Our specialized and experienced team creates value through structuring optimization, an established sourcing network, active asset management and fund management. We have developed a long-standing track-record in alternative types of real estate assets, including parking, senior care and living as well as children day-care assets.


COre/Core+ real estate funds

Long-term holding period (10+ years)
with 3-6 % annual return.

Establishment of real estate funds for institutional investors; sourcing, structuring and managing senior care homes, assisted living, multi-storey car parks and child day-care centres.

Value-add und co-investments

Short-term holding periods (3-5 years)
with 10-15 % annual returns.

Value uplift of existing properties and brown-field developments in different types of use, such as office, parking, senior care homes and child day-care centres.


Regulated German capital management company (KVG) and SAIF Fund Manager.

Alternative Investment Funds investing in residential, commercial, debt and renewables.